We are glad to announce our final event “Sustaining Sustainability” Conference!

 ? Get to know the programme that we have prepared for you here.

⏰ WHEN? Next October the 7th, at 09:30 WEST (10:30 CEST; 11:30 EEST).  You can attend the event live at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vilnius, or through ZOOM (link is provided upon registration)

HOW TO REGISTER: Enroll at the event here

Why a conference about “Sustaining Sustainability”

The complex global challenges that we are facing today cannot be explained by physical, environmental and biological causes alone; humans play a central role. Understanding the human factor is fundamental and can only be achieved by investigating the historical, cultural and communication processes in which human life is embedded.

We invite you to explore, share, and learn how we, humans, can be more sustainable through cooperation between businesses, universities, and non-governmental institutions. Particularly, we will discuss the contribution of social sciences and humanities (SSH) to addressing sustainability issues (based on Sustainable Development Goals). During the SHOUT project, we have implemented various sustainability-fostering methods and activities involving companies, tutors, and students. Through interactive workshops and panel discussions, we want to share the lessons we have learned and want to learn from you, by listening to your story and experience.

Sustainability is a topic for us all. If you work in a business, university, or non-governmental institution, and you are interested in sustainability and its real-life applications, join us in discussing the future, solutions, and possibilities. Students and their perspectives are also welcome!

Need more information? We have developed an info sheet for you with more detailed information. Consult it here. For other information, please contact us at jurate.charenkova@fsf.vu.lt.

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